PELIKAN 2300 2700 3100 3600 4200 4600

PELIKAN 2300, 2700, 3100, 3600, 4200, 4600 – it is the series of filed sprayers which are most often selected by owners of large and medium farms. They are available with booms of working width from 14 to 24 meters. The wide range of solutions available in our offer allows you to set up the most useful machine on your farm. Components used in production come from the best suppliers recognized in many countries. Thanks to this, the sprayers of this series are durable, reliable, and their operation is simple and safe. The choice of Pelican sprayer is a guarantee of long-term operation and precision of the performed treatments.

Main tank2300L2700L3100L360042004600
Clean water tank300L300L300L300L300L300L
Hand wash tank20L20L20L20L20L20L
Wheels size (optional)12,4 x 36    9,5 x 42     9,5 x 44      13,6 x 38       11,2 x 42     11,2 x 46  15,6 x38     11,2×42     16,9×38     16,9×46
Pumps Annovi ReverberiAR 160        AR 185            AR 215         AR 250

166 l/min   182 l/min    219 l/min    254 l/min

        AR 320                          AR 370

321 l/min                       371 l/min

Manual boom RR14,  15,  16,  18,  20 m
Hydraulik boom 2H14,  15,  16,  18,  20,  21 m
Hydraulik boom 4H14,  15,  16,  18,  20,  21,  24 m
Hydraulik boom 6H21,  24 m
Hydraulik boom ITV with air-assisted system14,  15,  16,  18,  20,  21,  24 m
Transport width2,45-2,60 ( belka 6H)
Length4,85 do 5,95,8-6,8
Weight1790 do 2480 kg1805 do 24951820 do 2510 kg2030 do 2750 kg2090 do 2810 kg2170 do 2890 kg


  • Frame
  • Drawbar
  • Axle
  • Pumps
  • Booms
  • Control Computers
  • Electic controller
  • Nawigation Matrix 570
  • Navigation Matrix 430
  • Electrical rinsing set
  • Comfortable pre-mixer
  • Own hydraulic system


Sprayers PELIKAN 2300, 2700 and 3100 have a solid, powder-coated frame made of steel channel bars which gives them high rigidity and durability.


As standard, the sprayers of this series are equipped with a copying drawbar, which gives them high agility and prevents plants from damage. On request, it is also possible to install a standard drawbar top-mounted or buttom-mounted to tractor.


Adjustable axle-shafts with a pneumatic or hydraulic brake system. On request, an axle without a brake can be fitted.


Top quality Annovi Reverberi pumps with new innovative BlueFlex diaphragms that set a new position in the quality of diaphragms in the pump sector for field sprayers. BlueFlex diaphragms have a unique, patented blend form and composition from which they are made. Thanks to these advantigies, their lifetime increases to 100%. In addition, a digital code on the liquid side is placed on each diaphragms. This is an unusual solution in the industry till now. It allows us to track and distinguish products from many other diaphragms with a year and a month of production.


Booms There are 5 types of spraying booms available for this series of sprayers. Each user can choose an optimal solution for their farm. All the booms, besides those which are manual-folded, are controlled by solenoid valves and the panel in the tractor cab.

“RR” Spraying booms hydraulically lifted, manual-folded with self-leveling and a lockout of working width from 14 to 20 meters. On the request of the user, we can install a hydraulic slope system.

“2H” These are fully hydraulic booms, unfolding by two cylinder with hydraulic self-leveling, lifting and slope system. Only a leveling lockout operates mechanically when closing the left/right side. working width from 14 to 21 meters.

“4H” These booms have self-leveling with a hydr. lockout, hydraulic slope sydtem, lifted and unfolding hydraulically independently with 4 cylinders . Working width from 14 to 24 meters.

“6H” These are booms designed for the series of Pelikan sprayers. They consist of six elements unfolding with 4 cylinders. Their working width is 21 and 24 meters with posibility to work respectively folding a side part 15 and 18 meters.


“ITV” Booms working width from 14 to 24 meters fully hydraulic with airassisted system. This system provides a much better coverage of sprayed plants and allows more economical use of the preparations and a partial independence from weather conditions (wind).



For a proper work of sprayers, we recommend three control groups. The most rational solution is computer , especially 8140 or 844E Radion computer of TeeJet company. Both are advanced solutions and easy use. In addition to the basic functions of these controls, Radion has an option of connecting the valve to automatic refueling. It also has a port for connecting Matrix navigation with a possibility of automatic section closing and even a variable dosage function. On request, we can equip the sprayer with BRAVO 180S computer – Arag or Spraydos -Muller Elektronik.



Electric controller with a manometer or a Combo 177 console with electronic pressure readout. There is also available manual control or manual control with main electric valve on/off.


Matrix 570 navigation is an advanced system and easy to use navigation for demanding farmers. It gives you more than the basic capabilities, such as: connection of automatic shutdown of section system BoomPilot, automatic power steering system FieldPilot, module of compensation of tilt or possibility of connection 4 or 8 cameras.


Matrix 430 is an inexpensive and easy-to-use navigation for less demanding users. Colorful touch display with simple software, just after a while, allows the operator to effectively navigate the field with minimum skips in the field coverage.


A sprayer’s tank can be equipped with a rotating nozzle for tank cleaning which is manually started or electrically started from a tractor cab (electric cleaning system). It guarantees impeccable cleanliness of a tank and a liquid system, which causes failure-free operation of the sprayer and prevents from unwanted residue of spraying.


Comfortable Pre-mixer located on the trapezoidal arm allows for efficient and safe mixing of the preparations and applying them to the main sprayer’s tank.


Pelikan sprayers are equipped with their own hydraulic system with filters and oil cooler for pump drives and spraying booms control. This solution allows for faster aggregation of the tractor with the machine and provides failure-free operation of pumps and elektromagnetic valves and no mixing of oils positively affect not only the operation of the sprayer but also the tractor.