PERKOZ MAX 800 1000 1300 1600 1900

PERKOZ MAX 800, 1000, 1300, 1600, 1900. Using the experience gained over many years in the production of smaller PERKOZ mounted sprayers we have built the Perkoz Max sprayer, it has been designed for use in medium and large farms. The possibility of purchasing an additional tank with a separate pump mounted on the front TUZ allows you to increase the sprayed area while balancing the weight of the tractor itself. To build this sprayer we used the highest quality components from the leading manufacturers, which resulted in a sprayer meeting the requirements of modern agriculture.

PERKOZ Max 1300PERKOZ Max 1600PERKOZ Max 1900
Main tank1300 L1600 L1900 L
Clean water tank200 L
Pre-mixer35 L
Hand wash tank20 L
Pumps Annovi Reverberi               AR 160                                 AR 185                                           AR 215

166 L/min                             182 L/min                                    219 L/min

Control unitRęczny, elektryczny, komputer
Hydraulic boom12,  15,  16,  18,  20,  21 m
Working hight500  –  2400 mm
Transport lenght1800  –  2200 mm
Transport width1600  –  2600 mm
Transport hight2900  –  3200 mm
Weight800  –  1250kg


  • Frame
  • Quick mounting
  • The front tank improves
  • Pumps
  • Spraying booms
  • Controlling computer Radion 8140
  • Navigation Matrix 570
  • Electrical control
  • Electric rinsing set
  • Comfortable Pre-mixer


Frame PERKOZ Max It has a solid powder-coated steel frame and three Italian polyethylene tanks.


Quick mounting Easy to use the quick upper link coupling system.


The front tank improves the stability of the tractor and increases the efficiency, it is also useful when doing other field work such as sowing, planting or after-harvesting cultivation.


Top quality Annovi Reverberi pumps with new innovative BlueFlex diaphragms that set a new position in the quality of diaphragms in the pump sector for field sprayers. BlueFlex diaphragms have a unique, patented blend form and composition from which they are made. Thanks to these advantigies, their lifetime increases to 100%. In addition, a digital code on the liquid side is placed on each diaphragms. This is an unusual solution in the industry till now. It allows us to track and distinguish products from many other diaphragms with a year and a month of production.


Hydraulically operated spraying booms All booms used in the PERKOZ MAX sprayers are hydraulically folded and hydraulic is controlled by an electric console or onboard computer. Two or four cylinder folding system, self-leveling hydraulic system, hydraulically lifted

“4H” Spraying boom lifting unfolding hydraulically by two or four cylinders with self-leveling and hydraulic adjusting for slopes and hydraulic lock . Working width from 12 to 21m.
“HX” light boom in the X system, independently unfolding by two cylinders with the possibility of folding a quarter of the boom, with hydraulic adjustment to slope and hydr. a lock. Working width 12, 15, 18m.
“BP” The package spray boom, rear-folding is the most advanced and gives posibility of up 24m working width. Fully hydraulically controlled. Working width from 15 to 24 meters.

“ITV” PERKOZ MAX sprayers can be equipped with a spraing boom with air-assisted system, which significantly affects the improvement of plant protection treatment quality and saving chemical agents as well as make us partially independent from atmodferic conditions (wind).


Controlling computer

The Radion 8140 controlling computer is an advanced computer designed for ease of use. Simply set the target dose and the computer will suggest the appropriate sprayers for the given application, and speed range for the target dose. When you start spraying, the display shows the correct dose, amount of liquid, system pressure, operating speed, spray area, droplet size, and the amount of liquid in the tank. In addition to these basic functions, the Radion has the option of connecting the automatic refueling valve. It also has a port for Matrix navigation with the option of automatic section shutdown and variable dosage control (a function used in precision farming), which is unprecedented in this class of computers.


The Matrix 570 is a sophisticated yet easy-to-operate navigation system for demanding farmers. It gives, beyond the basic functions that should be able to navigate, the ability of connection of automatic section shutdown, BoomPilot system, FieldPilot automatic power steering, ground slope compensation module, or the possibility of connecting 4 or 8 cameras.


Electrical control COMBO with electronic pressure readout allows you to conveniently control all sprayer functions from the tractor cab.


The extensive clean water tank and the rotating nozzle for tank cleaning is manually or electrically started from the tractor cab (electric cleaning system) ensure that the tank and liquid system are impeccable clean what causes failure-free operation of the sprayer and prevents unwanted residue of spraying agent.


Comfortable Pre-mixer located on the trapezoidal arm allows for efficient and safe mixing of the preparations and applying them to the main sprayer’s tank.